Basics of Refrigerator

What is a Refrigerator?

It is a machine that keeps things cold. It is also known as fridge or an icebox .

What does it consist of and how does it work?

A Fridge consist of a thermally insulated compartments and a heat pump that transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperate below the normal temperature of a room.

Refrigerators also include a freezer, and that is why they are also called “Fridge” or freezers! 

History of a Refrigerator

Ever wondered what people used to use to cool their food items before the invention of Refrigerators?

They used to use ice houses to provide cool storage. These methods are used even today on the mountainsides!

So how did Artificial Refrigeration come into existence?

A professor named William Cullen designed a small refrigerating machine in 1705.He used some kind of pump,diethyl ether and with the help of his chemical science knowledge, he created this design.

But at that time, that design had no practical application!

In late 1800s, some other scientists and professors also tried to make some sort of machine to cool the things but some failed to produce its commercial value and hence they were commercially not viable and failed!

James Harrison built a first mechanical ice-making machine and commercialized it in 1854!

How did Refrigerators become so developed that they are now used for the domestic use?!

In 1913, refrigerators for home and domestic use were invented by Fred Wolf with models consisting of a unit that was mounted on top of an ice box.

Soon after this, many scientists discovered various technologies, chemical mixings to advance the functioning of Refrigerators.

Today, The technology used in Refrigerators is changing very fast but it is making day to day life of a consumer very easy. Making use of Artificial Intelligence in Refrigerators is super amazing, isn’t it? 

Commercial refrigerator and freezer units, which go by many other names, were in use for almost 40 years prior to the common home model!

Styles of Refrigerators

In the early 1950s most refrigerators were white, but from the mid-1950s through present day designers and manufacturers put color onto refrigerators.

Now, Refrigerators comes in various styles such as

  • Side by Side Refrigerator
  • French Door Refrigerator
  • Single Door Refrigerator
  • Double Door Refrigerator
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Features of the newly-built Refrigerators include

1.Adjustable Shelving

These days all the refrigerators are built with Adjustable Shelving. They give you flexibility of storage and are easy to clean.

The shelves in the fresh food section are easy to handle, remove, and adjust which provides usable storage space.

2.Smart Fridge Refrigerators!

This is one of my favourite features ! , so what is a “Smart Fridge”?

Samsung has integrated amazing innovation and an Artificial Intelligence system in its Fridges.

This Refrigerator from Samsung lets you play music, watch movies, check your calendar, write notes, check the weather, pin your favorite family photos, and even doodle! Exciting, isn’t it!? 

Checkout this video!

3.Water Dispenser

These days, Refrigerator Companies are using Water Dispenser in their fridges!

It can be an internal or an external water dispenser with cold or hot water!

4.Cabinet Rollers

They let the Refrigerator Roll out for easier cleaning

5. A cooling zone in the refrigerator door shelves.

Air from the freezer section is diverted to the refrigerator door, to cool milk or juice stored in the door shelf.

6. A power failure warning that alerts the user by flashing a temperature display. It may display the maximum temperature reached during the power failure, and whether frozen food has defrosted or may contain harmful bacteria.

Innovations in A Refrigerator

1.French Door Refrigerators

These bottom freezers with side by side door handles just look super beautiful! The interior of these type of refrigerators is also jaw dropping! 

2.Refrigerators with fresh food storage drawers

Do you want a quick access to your favourite food item? No worry because These drawers have added a convenience in our day-to-day life! 

3.Refrigerators with New Ice Options

Some Refrigerators are now offering shaved ice in addition to the standard cubed and crushed options!

4.Refrigerators with Digital Temperature Control

Electronic Touchscreens have been installed in latest Refrigerators with the help of which you can digitally program the temperature of six separate areas within your fridge and freezer for optimal storage of cheese,fruits,cold beverages and various frozen foods! Isn’t it just Amazing?!